Nurse Practitioner Jobs - NEW YORK
LOCATION: New York COMPANY: TCP CORP JOB TITLE: Nurse Practitioner SALARY RANGE: 70,000 JOB NUMBER: ADDRESS: TCP CORP Att: Esther Stein, president/recruiter 70-40 137th street Flushing, NY 11367 TELEPHONE NUMBER: (718) 268-7126 FAX NUMBER: (718) 263-1259 E-MAIL: WEBSITE: www, JOB DESCRIPTION: RESPONSIBILITIES AND DUTIES: 1. Complete high quality adult health care examination (including pelvic examinations, and pap smears) through interview and examination of patients, within five days (5) of referral by Social Services staff or review of same; formulates diagnosis and institutes treatment based on objective data gathered. 2. Provides episodic care and first aid. 3. Annual medical history and physical examination. 4. Ongoing care of clients as needed. 5. Tuberculosis skin testing and all relevant associated procedures, (e.g., counseling/educating, implantation, reading, referral for chest x-rays and sputum induction when indicated, monitoring compliance with annual TB screening evaluation and, as applicable and in coordination with New York City Department of Health ("DOHMH) or primary medical provider, adherence to anti-tubercular medication regimen). TST, or equivalent review, to be done on admission and on an annual basis thereafter, unless otherwise indicated. 6. Specimen collection for laboratory testing (e.g., pap smear, on-site phlebotomy, urine sample collection, throat cultures and STD swabs). 7. Writing of prescriptions or facilitating the obtaining of medications directly for a client. 8. Completion of requisite forms for placement in alternate facilities. 9. Referral mechanisms for primary and specialty health care, as appropriate (including radiology procedures). 10. Immunizations. 11. HIV pre and post-test counseling and testing. 12. Testing (urine toxicology) for illicit drug use. 13. Monitoring, with patient,s participation, of chronic diseases (i.e. weekly fingersticks for glc, weekly BP checks, as indicated). 14. Implementing a system of medication administration or supervised self-administration for select clients who are unable to medicate themselves. 15. Oversight, coordination of care, and liaison, on behalf of clients, with the Medical Review Team/Program Referral Unit, hospital inpatient unit staff, VNS, dialysis centers, DOHMH (Division of Immunization, Division of Communicable Disease, Division of TB Control, etc.) and Department Medical Director and staff. 16. The Contractor shall participate in monthly case conferences with Shelter staff. The Contractor shall work closely with social services unit and the Shelter Director in the coordination of case conferences, evaluations and referrals for services. 17. Gynecological examinations, including PAP smears. 18. Participates in regular chart reviews and other activities consistent with the role as a primary care clinician maintaining a clinical practice within BMS. Performs all procedures and duties applicable to private practice in an office setting. 19. Participates in on-call schedule for the requirements of BMS@Brooklyn Women's Shelter. 20. Works with the other members of the BMS@BWS team to promote and maintain a high quality of medical care for the patients of the satellite health center. 21. Shall assess the client, stabilize, if possible, and provide medical guidance to Shelter staff during medical emergencies. This may entail escorted visits to the client,s dorm and well as direct interaction and referral, preferably written, to Emergency Medical Services ("EMS). Review of EMS calls during off-hours and attempt at follow-up of clients returning from the hospital are expected. 22. Abides by the Oath of Hippocrates in rendering health care to the community. Keeps patient and doctor's relationship confidential. Maintains good moral conduct and professional ethics. 23. Supervision of Patient Care Associate. 24. Participates in CQI and JCAHO operational activities, including execution of performance improvement projects and involvement in JCAHO survey preparation activities as needed. QUALIFICATIONS 1. Licensed to practice as a family Nurse Practitioner in New York State. 2. Minimum of two years clinical experience as a Nurse Practitioner