Oregon Travel Jobs

LOCATION: Nationwide COMPANY:Nightingale Nurses JOB TITLE: Travel RN,s Wanted! TOLL FREE NUMBER: 1-800-735-6170 E-MAIL: jobs@nightingalenurses.net WEBSITE: www.nightingalenurses.net JOB DESCRIPTION: Travel RN,s Wanted! Great Pay!!! Great Locations!!!" Travel throughout the United States. Spend a winter under the sunny skies of southern California, Florida, or Arizona. Experience the 'big city' life of New York, Miami or Chicago. Or, ski the fabulous wintery slopes of Vermont or Colorado. Choose your job and its location. Work at the country's top teaching hospitals or prestigious research facilities. Provide health care in a small, rural hospital in the heartland of America - all while learning valuable clinical skills. Travel with family or friends. Experience the excitement of living in and exploring new regions of the United States while traveling with a friend or a spouse. Meet new people and create new friendships. Work in different parts of the country and meet people you might never have a chance to meet. Improve your resume while expanding your professional knowledge, clinical skills and competencies. Earn a better salary! Due to the high demand for nurses, traveling nurses receive high pay rates, ranging from $20 to $40 per hour, depending on specialty, the assignment and the region. Explore a destination before making a permanent move into the area. Some nurses want to check out various locations in the United States before they permanently move there, to ensure that the city will fit their needs. Free housing. We offer free private housing to travelers while on assignment. Furniture and utilities are usually arranged by us in advance. Earn bonuses. We often offer a sign-on, completion or referral bonuses. The size of the bonus usually depends on the type of assignment. Bonuses can range from $250 to $6,000. "Travel" within your own hometown while receiving a housing stipend! Yes, you can travel within your own city! While living in your own home, you'll receive a housing subsidy check from the travel company. JOB REQUIREMENTS: Active US Nursing license. One year of current nursing experience. Call or email us now! Email CONTACT: jobs@nightingalenurses.net TEL: 1-800-735-6170 Website: www.nightingalenurses.net